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Coeur d’Alene Symphony Premiere - WaTaino CD Update– Book Reviews – Zorro – The Poacher’s Son - SayRoar Studios Update–Spirit Lords video game Update- Band News- New Musicals Update –Qualchan Opera  

Coeur d’Alene Symphony Premiere – The Coeur d’Alene Symphony is performing a premiere of a ten minute classical piece I wrote on September 2nd at a Labor Day concert in the Coeur d’Alene City Park at 2 pm. The piece is entitled Raindrops and is a symphonic depiction of the life cycle of water. 

WaTaino CD Update- Co-writer Orlando Sanchez has been sending me updates of the live tracks recording sessions. I’ve gotten eight songs back now with live drum, bass, conga, flute, violin and keyboard parts. The CD is going to be great. We just need to add the guitar, do some more mixing  and add the vocals for two of the songs. I am transcribing the live tracks into sheet music. A famous Florida Hotel chain is interested in hearing the CD, so we will be pitching a live music show soon.   

Book Review – Zorro by Isabel Allende– This well-written novel tells the back story of how Alejandro de la Vega’s father was murdered by a brutal California governor and how Zorro came to be a hero and protector of the poor and helpless. The book is published in Spanish and English, snd is very well written.  

Book ReviewThe Poacher’s Son by Paul Doiron– The protagonist is a game warden in the Northern Maine wilderness. His father is a fugitive suspect in a double murder and the warden’s life descends into chaos as he tries to clear his father‘s name. 

SayRoar update– I played with the SayRoar bluegrass fiddle group at Calypso’s this week for CEO Jeff Drew and some PR people. The program’s purpose was to promote the animated film that SayRoar is producing. The animation people tell me they are making good progress on the film. 

Spirit Lord Video Games Update– This new video game startup company has approved my first song that I wrote for their video game project. We are working on hammering out a written contract for me to compose music for their video games. I saw 40 characters art from the video game and the art by Wade Lutz was fantastic. I also submitted a script for a musical video game I wrote called The Bureau-rats and they said they liked it. 

Band News – I am playing every Wednesday night at the Spokane Valley Eagles from 7 to 10 pm with my former band, Desert Rose and it’s fun. I also started playing casual gigs with a new band called the Ken Davis Band. We played last Sunday for free for the Hillyard Festival. We are playing Saturday August 10th at the Shadle Park High School Football field in the afternoon. Come on down to the party. 

New Musicals Update – My New York City co-writer Claude Solnik tells me he has hired a hall and a musician named Robert Long and they are starting to work on the production of two of the three musicals we wrote together called A Stitch in Time and Stealing Mona Lisa, so I’m looking forward to attending another New York City premiere, this time of two of my musicals. 

Qualchan OperaGive Me Five program - I am asking individuals to donate $5.00 or more, and asking businesses and organizations to donate $500 or more to fund the production and filming of my Qualchan Opera. You can see the 19 minute video pitch at this link and then click on the video at the top of my Qualchan Opera page. To donate to this non-profit fiscal sponsorship website, click on the button and be sure and do a search for the Qualchan Opera.   

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