Gary A. Edwards Entertainment Blog 9/21/19 A Stitch in Time Update - WaTaino CD Update– Other Composing – Mildred Bailey music -Book Review: Charles Finch series –  radicci Restaurant Review - Give Me Five program

A Stitch in Time Update  This musical had a preview on September 17th, 2019 in New York City. I got a call at 1 am New York from co-writer Claude Solnik who said he got some good feedback about the show and was very happy with the performance. So, we will continue tweaking the musical and I have been assigned the task of writing music for two new songs for the show. Claude sent me the soundtrack for the 9/17 performance. If any theaters or directors want to hear the soundtrack, send me an email at and we can discuss it. 

WaTaino CD Update- Co-writer Orlando Sanchez continues to work on producing live musicians to record different tracks for the 11 songs on this Latin jazz rock CD which will be finished soon.   We are praying for our keyboard player Lisandro who recently fell ill. Email me if you would like to hear a sample of the song that is almost finished at 

Other composing – I continue my association as a transcriber and orchestrator with SayRoar Studios, which is waiting for confirmation from investors. I continue in discussions about video game music with Spirit Lord Studios who are also waiting for investors. I just received an email from Jimmy Cullors, a filmmaker in Las Vegas who wants to discuss me composing music for a new film going into production in October, 2019. 

Mildred Bailey Music– The Coeur d’Alene Tribal Casino asked me to direct a program of songs sung by Mildred Bailey to be performed at the Elder’s Banquet on October 3rd, 2019. Rehearsals are going well with pianist LeeAnn Aerlyn and singer Cecilia Curtis. I have not received written confirmation that this event will be open to the public. December 12th, 2021 will be the 70th anniversary of Mildred Bailey’s death and I am working on different projects to commemorate this event. Stay tuned for more news. 

Book Review– Charles Finch Series – I have finished several books in a series of detective novels featuring a character named Charles Lenox who is an English aristocrat who has chosen a career as an unpaid detective solving murders in the 1840’s through the 1860’s. The first prequel is entitled “The Woman In The Water.” This series is very well written and absorbing and contains myriads of time piece tidbits such as how Oxford University was founded in 1099 and its traditions. 

radicci Restaurant Review– We have gone twice now to a new restaurant named ridicci’s in Hayden, Idaho one block East of Government Way off Prairie Ave. Last night I had chicken parmesan with rigatoni. Mmmm. It was savory with a great blend of herbs and spices tickling the tongue, and they didn’t spare the cheese, either. I highly recommend this dining experience. 

Qualchan Opera- Give Me Five program - I am asking individuals to donate $5.00 or more, and asking businesses and organizations to donate $500 or more to fund the production and filming of my Qualchan Opera. You can see the 19 minute video pitch at this link and then click on “donate” search for Qualchan Opera and then click on the video at the top of my Qualchan Opera page.  

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