Gary A. Edwards Entertainment Blog 11/5/17 – Happily Ever After – Republic Taproom Review - Echo of The Tom Toms book – Qualchan Opera Update 

Happily Ever After coffee table book - I found that I have many digital photos but hardly any prints that I could carry around and show to people. So, I created a folder on my computer for my favorite pictures. Then I Googled “Coffee Table books” and came up with the website for at I went to the site and created an account in a few seconds, then I uploaded my favorite pictures, selected the size and style of the Coffee Table book I wanted to create and set it for the maximum number of 74 pages at 8.5 X 14 inches. I could have entered each picture manually, but I chose to have the website upload and distribute the pictures into each frame automatically. Then, I went to my Coffee Table book and edited it, centering each picture where I wanted it in the frame. Then, I entered some comments in some of the text boxes scattered here and there throughout the book which I named Happily Ever After to celebrate our 41 years of marriage. The cost of the book was supposed to be around $200 but the first order came with a 60% discount so the final price was around $100. I got the printed book within 10 days and was very satisfied at the quality of the book and the ease of creating it. I don’t plan on selling the book commercially; it is now a family keepsake. 

Republic Taproom restaurant review - We discovered a great new restaurant in Post Falls, Idaho. My daughter and her husband invited us to the Republic Taproom. The food was unique and very tasty. The prices were in the middle range. The restaurant was in a 100-year-old house on 4th Avenue near Spokane Street. We went back again a few days later. I highly recommend it. 

The Fieldhouse Restaurant review - We randomly stopped by The Fieldhouse Restaurant in Liberty Lake Washington. The Clam chowder was sooo unique and good! The hot ham sandwich was good but had so much mozzarella cheese on it I had to scrape some off because it was too rich. Then, we discovered the general manager was my grandniece Seneca Ross so we had a mini family reunion to top off our dinner and got caught up on the news on that side of the family. 

Gary's three musicals coming out in print - I learned how to combine PDF files so I merged three books of my most recent musicals, adding the sheet music for voice and piano; The Qualchan Opera has 402 pages, Gary A. Edwards Favorite Original Music songbook with 119 pages and Christmas on The Concourse. The books will be available in December, 2017. 

Echo of the Tom Toms update – I have finished editing seven episodes of this book I edited by Frances Le Bret and have 17 more to finish. In the meantime, Channel 14 of Comcast Cable in Spokane has begun broadcasting the first seven episodes. When I’ve finished editing there will be an introduction episode and 20 episodes based on the reading by Spokane Tribal member Joe Lyons of the 20 book chapters and the 21 episodes will be available to the public in a DVD set. If you’re interested in buying the DVD set, let me know and I will put you on a list to notify when it’s ready. 

Other music news - I’m working on a duet with blind keyboard player Bryant McKinley and also talking about expanding into a five-piece band to back up Desja Eagle Tail, of the Crow Tribe, with whom I have also been rehearsing to create a demo recording of my Qualchan Opera. 

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