2 New Albums!

We’ve released 2 new albums recently here at CCRAP Records which are available for streaming on any of your favorite services! 





From the vocal talents of the beloved Ellie Holm comes Sing Along with Ellie, a…


Gary Edwards Entertainment Blog 1/14/2020

Festival Cubana

Last week I was thrilled to attend a concert produced by Nino Perez at the Fox Theater in Spokane; Festival de Musica Cubana. The sounds of the Buena Vista Social Club performed by Kiki Valera and his band…


Gary A. Edwards Entertainment Blog 12/13/19

WaTaino Concert – Intern Wade Lutz - Mistaken Move movie – Mildred Bailey music – Children’s Music project - Movie Reviews: Harriett, Jo Jo Rabbit, Midway - Give Me Five program -  

Intern Wade Lutz – I am hiring …