Gary Edwards is a composer of classical, musical theater and film music based in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. He has also written jazz, rock/pop, R&B gospel and country music. His music has been performed in ensembles from Washington to Argentina, Russia and other countries and he has played with both the Spokane and Louisville Symphonies. One of his goals has always been to bring different cultures and people together with his music.

Gary has written eight musicals, one opera and three screenplays as well as two concertos and hundreds of pieces of music.  He recently produced a Tribute to Mildred Bailey concert and transcribed and conducted all the music. He was the Playwright/Composer in Residence for the Ignite Theater in Spokane Valley, Washington.

Gary's acclaimed album, Wataino, features co-writer Orlando Sanchez, virtuoso hand-percussion player who has performed with such stars as Stevie Wonder, Donna Summers and who produced music for Disney World for years. Find out more about Gary's Music. Questions? Contact Gary. 

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Orlando Sanchez

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Gary's news and blog

Gary A. Edwards Blog Update for November, 2021  

Litterateur Productions LLC has invited me to be on their board and staff in charge of music production. We will be producing films, books and live stage shows. They finished filming their first movie Mistaken Move and are completing the edit. I composed the music for the soundtrack for this film which is planned for release in December this year, or January 2022. We have had two board meetings by Zoom so far and things are getting exciting. The company, headed by Writer/Director Jimmy Cullors is based in Las Vegas. I am in the recruiting process for a music conductor/orchestrator for that area. 

I have signed two contracts so far, obtained through a tip sheet website called Broadjam.com. They are with libraries or agents who try to market my music for sync licenses for companies to use in films, TV, commercials, etc. The contracts are for music from our recently released Wataino music CD, that I co-wrote with Orlando Sanchez who was born in Puerto Rico and worked with Disney World for years as a music producer and performed hand percussion with Stevie Wonder, Donna Summers, the Dora The Explorer sound track, etc. Hopefully contracts like these will result in significant income. 

We finished filming a short film called Across Bank Street – Dimensions and are having a world premiere dinner and screening at the Wallace Elks Club on December 5th, from 4 pm to 8 pm. I will be the host. The plan is for this film to appear in a series of Episodes on YouTube and be picked up by a major streaming site like Netflix, or Amazon Prime for pay. Nancy Hanks is the Writer/Director and we have spent the last two months working together as she edits the footage and she tells me what kind of music goes where. I have been creating original music for the various scenes and we reached the point where the composing is complete and Dan Lewis, a sound engineer genius in Spokane, is tweaking the sounds with a program called Pro Tools, which is the film industry standard. 

We finished recording ten bilingual songs for a Spanish/English CD entitled Amor, Life and Chupacabra Songs featuring Cuban-American singer Ivana Céspedes. I have released the music for streaming on my website now at www.EdwardsMusicSite.com and will release the CD when I get the permanent artwork from Reinaldo Gil Zambrano, a Venezuelan artist who teaches art at Eastern Washington University.   

Orlando Sanchez added lyrics to our Borikén Land song on the Wataino CD, and we included the lyrics version on the CD entitled Amor, Life and Chupacabra Songs. I have been in contact with a Grammy Winner who liked the song and we will see if he nominates the lyrics version for a Grammy Award. 

Mari Meehan and I have reached a deal where I will write music for her book trailer and she will provide PR for my Qualchan and Whistalks Opera. Mari was formerly the PR and Marketing Director for the Houston Opera. She has written and illustrated a children’s book called Slobbers, The Dog about a St. Bernard. It is getting a lot of buzz in the market. 

I have retired from Producing the Mildred Bailey Show for the Coeur d’Alene Casino. I produced several shows, spent hours transcribing sheet music, directed the bands and the Casino was very generous but I want to focus on promoting my own original music, musical theatre and film screenplays. 

So far Distrokid distribution on 21 streaming sites has resulted in over 3,000 streams of my music. It’s a start.  

So, the journey continues onward and upward. 


Gary A. Edwards

October Update for Edwards Music   

Despite the surge in the Coronavirus in North Idaho I have been busy with various projects. I joined the Board of Directors for a Production Company called Litterateur founded by my friend Jimmy Cullors of Las Vegas. We have our first Board meeting on Zoom on October 8th. I have known Jimmy for many years. He is an ex-Detroit policeman. I wrote some music for his film projects while he was attending film school. I wrote the music for his first commercial movie filmed this year in Las Vegas called Mistaken Moves, which is in post-production edit right now. He has ambitious plans to produce films, books, a traveling kids music show and other projects and I believe I will be in a position to help with the music for all of these projects.  

I have also been heavily involved lately  in a film project called Across Bank Street – Pilot Part 1. I played a couple of speaking roles as The Grim Reaper and an emergency doctor. Lately, I have been driving to Wallace to work with Nancy Hanks, the Writer/Director, composing all original music for the sound track as she edits the timeline. Work on this collaboration is progressing smoothly. The business plan is to get an episode on YouTube as soon as possible to entice streaming services to pick up on the show and get investors involved in filming additional episodes. 

We have finished mixing all the songs for a new bilingual (English and Spanish) music CD I am releasing soon called Amor, Life and Chupacabra Songs. (The inspiration for the title is Roger Steinmetz.) The CD features Cuban-American Ivana Cespedes singing my original bilingual songs and she will knock your socks off… she sings so beautifully. Some of the songs are beautiful ballads, some are humorous and others are philosophical about life.  I have mailed out advance copies of the CD to my Patreon Followers.  

Right now, I have hired a professor of  art named Reinaldo Gil Zambrano from Venezuela to create the cover art and when his is finished with that, I will release the CD to the public, hopefully in time for Christmas.  

Here are some of the comments from listeners of the CD so far, Naomi Bierman and Kiki Valera, Cuban Son bandleader “Kiki and I have just listened to your beautiful album and we want to congratulate you on your vision and your project!”; Orlando Sanchez, retired music producer at Disney World, “Your Chupacabra song was so funny. I laughed my head off. That Ivana, she sings so beautiful.” Roger Steinmetz, retired English Professor, “Damn, Bro, That song is red hot.   I hope Orlando and your other connections pick it up immediately, because this tune wants to be on the 'Net, on the radio, and wherever people dance!“  Mark Johnston, Art Curator, “Pretty great!” 

I have posted eight music videos on YouTube.com featuring Ellie singing children’s songs that I wrote that we recorded on a music CD entitled Sing-along With Ellie, which includes the lyrics to all eight songs. I have been promoting Ellie’s talents through my other projects listed on this post. You can watch the videos for free at the links below and you can order the music CD through my website at www.EdwardsMusicSite.com

So, Happy Hallowe’en and listen to my song El Chupacabra y La Cabrota for a spooky Hallowe’en treat. (Orlando and I wrote the music. I added the lyrics.) I will attach it to podcast below so just press the <play> button below to hear the song. 

Child Prodigy vocalist Ellie sings an original children's song by Gary A. Edwards about how the world likes like from an airplane emphasizing how we all share this planet. 


Child Prodigy vocalist Ellie sings an original children's song by Gary A. Edwards called The Cat about how people speak different languages but we are all alike in very many ways. 



Child vocal prodigy Ellie sings an original children's song by Gary A. Edwards entitled Be Good about the importance of following your parents' guidance. 



Child vocal prodigy Ellie sings an original children's song by Gary A. Edwards entitled Let Your Light Shine about the Biblical admonition to show your positive spiritual side to the world. 



Child vocal prodigy Ellie sings an original children's song by Gary A. Edwards entitled God Is Everywhere which is a cross-over gospel song, co-owned by Wendell Noble. 



Child vocal prodigy Ellie sings an original children's song by Gary A. Edwards entitled Friends about how your kid friends can become lifelong friends. 



Child vocal prodigy Ellie sings an original children's song by Gary A. Edwards with lyrics by Lisa Stone entitled Different about how children are more similar than different. 



Ellie, 10 year old 4th grade prodigy vocalist, sings Happy Mother's Day song by Gary A. Edwards at the Unity Spiritual Center of North Idaho in Coeur d'Alene on May 12th, 2019. There is a studio recorded version out. This song is copyrighted. For more information on licensing contact gedward@roadrunner.com 


Gary Edwards 



Gary A. Edwards Update 9/5/2021  

As you know, last year, I scored a soundtrack for a movie called Mistaken Moves written and directed by Jimmy Cullors. There was a delay starting the editing because the editor was in a car wreck and seriously injured. Jimmy asked me to be on the company’s Board of Directors so I am looking forward to our first Zoom Board soon. My specialty will be the music part of the business and also I have several scripts ready to shoot. 

I joined a website called Broadjam.  On this site, they list people who are looking for music and for about $20 a month I get to send pitches to about eight of the listings. In the first month, I got one bite and a contract offer from Munchkin Music to pitch my music called The Gypsy Tango to film and video sources wanting to pay for sync licensing for my music. Hopefully, this will be the path to monetize my efforts at composing original music. 

We finished shooting a film intended for a YouTube series called Across Bank Street. I played the part of the grim reaper in the film. I went to visit the Director Nancy Hanks this week and looked at the footage. I was surprised at how good the shooting of my scenes appeared. Nancy and I started working on the music. We would come to a section, decide to input music, discuss the mood, the instrumentation, the tempo, and similar pieces of music and then I would write a short melody and bass line with my laptop and Finale 27. Then, I would take the laptop home and fill in the two minutes or so of music for the section. The agreement we have is that I would keep the rights to the song and be able to use the music with other projects. 

I finished recording 10 songs for a bilingual Spanish/English music CD that I wrote. The sound engineer, Dan Lewis, that I have been working with for years has a computer system that just died. We decided we had enough songs (10) to release a music CD and I’m just waiting for the artist (from Venezuela) named Reinaldo Gil Zambrano who teaches art at Eastern Washington University to provide the artwork for the cover. I’m trying to think of a bilingual title to fit the roster of songs, some of which are romantic, some light easy listening Latin jazz and some of which are Mexican polkas and humorous songs based on my experiences in Mexico and Chile and the US connected with Spanish speaking groups. 

I have been producing a show featuring Cecilia Curtis singing songs made famous by Mildred Bailey a hundred years ago for the Coeur d’Alene Tribal Casino, for the last three years. We have a show coming up in Worley on September 12th. I transcribed the music for 15 songs and now I’m just producing the show, getting the band together, not performing. 

I received an email from Steven Friel, jazz professor at Eastern Washington University who says the Wataino music concert has been postponed again to the winter quarter of 2023.

I had a new experience the other night modeling for a sculpting class by Cheryl Metcalf. The project was to sculpt my head from the neck up. I liked the results so well that I bought a permanent version. 

I have been interviewed for two Podcasts recently. I am posting one of the podcasts by John P. MaGuirk on my website blog dated 9/5/2021. It is an hour long interview featuring me talking about my music projects and telling funny stories about my work as a composer. Please enjoy it. 


Gary A. Edwards

New bilingual music CD needs name. 

Hello, I've finished 10 songs for my bilingual English/Spanish CD. I'm trying to think of a title for it. I've thought of Spangish - but that sounds too humorous. I've thought of Canciones Bilngues with an umlaut over the u. I want to convey that it's a music CD sung in English and Spanish, that it's a serious CD although there are a couple of humorous songs in it about a Chupacabra and another one about a gabacho who understands Spanish, etc.  There's an uplifting positive song about Puerto Rico that could become an anthem for the state territory and another very romantic song called "Estaré Allí (I'll Be There.) Please help me name my next CD and if I choose your title I will put your name in the credits and send you a free copy.

Gary A. Edwards Music Update 5/6/2021   

Hello. I hope you’re enjoying fine spring weather. We are completely inoculated against the Coronavirus and have been resuming in-person activities such as going to church and occasional dining out. Here’s the latest news. 

Jimmy Cullors told me that he has finished shooting the movie Mistaken Moves in Las Vegas and will be editing it shortly. He had previously told me that he had tentatively accepted about 50 pieces of my original music for the soundtrack so I am very excited to see how that turns out. 

I received word from the Memphis Musicians Union that they are happy to hear that I am working with Paula Newberry as she establishes her Rainbow Opera Company and that we are going to premiere my opera Qualchan and Whistalks. The plan now is to get grants and donations and we are brainstorming when and where to produce the opera, depending on how the fundraising turns out. 

My new CD Spanglish is coming along quite well. My singer, Cuban-American Ivana Cespedes has recorded three of my original bilingual songs including Estaré Allí, Steppin’ Out and The Gypsy Tango Rock. She is currently getting ready to record a fourth song I wrote called El Gabacho Habla Español. This is a funny song about four instances when people made disparaging comments about me before they realized I could speak Spanish.  

For instance, I was flirting with a very pretty young girl on a bus in Chile one time when the conductor told me I had to move to my assigned seat. I told him “No comprendo.” He finally gave up and went away and I proceeded to flirt fluently with the young lady who appreciated my subterfuge. She told me she had been in a mass demonstration in Santiago, Chile the day before protesting Yankee imperialism. I made a date with her for later, but had to stand her up, so I’m sure that reinforced her hatred of gringos. 

Anyway, I have enough bilingual songs that I will probably make one CD that is serious and romantic and another CD that contains songs with Spanish jokes and puns. 

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and the Unity Church with Julie Croteau as music director will be featuring 11 year old Ellie singing two children’s songs I wrote; Happy Mother’s Day and God Is Everywhere. You can tune in the livestream service at UnityCenter.org and watch. 

Happy May everyone. 

Gary A. Edwards

Mijo es un bromista 

Here's a little story about that time my son and and I were eating at a Mexican Restaurant in Vegas. Gotta watch out for him, he's a real prankster.

Conduct Yourself 

Conductors have an important job to do, after all, they have to wrangle a bunch of cats to coordinate music with a large number of people. But sometimes, they can be real sour-pusses. These, are their stories.

Hey Baldy Holiday Hiatus 

After a string of technical difficulties and Christmas around the corner, Wade and I decided that we will not be streaming the Hey Baldy show this week. The good news is you won't have to miss the exciting conclusion to the Christmas on the Concourse production however, it's posted for you down below. We both would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas, and we'll be back in action come the new year! 

Stealing The Mona Lisa 

All the world's a stage, and we are merely players... or something like that. This week I had the thrill of my life when I met with one of my colleagues, Claude Solnik and his theatrical team to organize a work that we had written together some time ago, a work dubbed Stealing the Mona Lisa. Over the course of roughly 3 hours, we went through the first table read and afterward discussed what worked, what didn't, and what could be improved. I've gotta had it to Jonathan Fox and his wife, they blew me away with their readings as well as their singing! I am very much looking forward to the day when we bring it to the stage!

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Come find the songs you're looking for - here, in Gary's Music Store!

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